How to disable AdBlock (ad blocker) on mobile

The popular AdBlock ad blocker also has mobile versions with extensions for Samsung Internet on Android and Safari on iOS. It works similarly to the desktop version, and if you want to disable ad blocking, you can quickly change this setting in each browser.

How to disable AdBlock on Android

On Android OS, ad blocker is provided by AdBlock for Samsung Internet (Android). As the name mentions, the tool is only available as an extension for Samsung Internet, the native browser of Samsung smartphones. See how to disable it below.

Tap the three-bar icon and select the “Ad Blocking” option

Open a page via Samsung Internet and select the icon with three horizontal bars to access a menu of options. Then tap the ad blocking option to access settings.

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Uncheck AdBlock option

On the next screen, uncheck the key to disable the use of AdBlock in the app. You can also download other Samsung Internet compatible blockers.

How to disable AdBlock on iOS

AdBlock can be accessed on your iPhone through the AdBlock for Mobile (iOS) app. The tool is used as an extension of Safari and includes three different categories: general ad blocking, region ad blocking, and activity tracker blocking. Check how to disable it!

Open the “Settings” screen and select the Safari tab

Go to the iOS settings screen and scroll down until you find a specific Safari tab. Tap to access browser preferences.

Select the “Extensions” option

On the next screen, you can access different Safari settings on your iPhone. Go to the extensions tab to disable AdBlock.

Uncheck the options referring to AdBlock

To disable AdBlock, uncheck each of the available ad blocker options and save your changes.

After following these steps, you will be able to disable AdBlock on Android and iOS. To reactivate it, just follow the same path.

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