LOSC: Burak Yilmaz, the Kraal descended from his throne

After an exceptional season that led LOSC to the title of French champion, Burak Yilmaz has struggled since the start of the 2021-2022 fiscal year. The 36-year-old Turkish veteran has not yet said his last word and he intends to bring the Mastiffs back to the forefront.

Times are tough for Burak Yilmaz, who has come down from his cloud on which he flew over the 2020-2021 season with LOSC. Sparkling last year on the front of the Lille attack and major architect of the title of champion of France gleaned by Christophe Galtier and his troop in Ligue 1, the 36-year-old striker is experiencing, like the Mastiffs since the handover of power between “Galette” and Jocelyn Gourvennec last summer, much more difficulties since the start of the current season.

The one who seemed to walk on water with his 16 goals and 5 assists in the previous year in L1 seems to be back on dry land, as evidenced by his 2 small goals only (to which we must add 3 offerings) in 12 appearances in the league . At the same stage of the season in 20-21, Burak Yilmaz had scored 3 times more goals (6) than this year in Ligue 1. The frustration of the Turkish striker is felt more in his body language, he who is usually already extremely demonstrative in the field. He has also so far been more noticed for a leaden burst caused by his exit in the 77th minute during the match between Lille and Brest (1-1, 11th day of L1) than by his sporting prowess since the start of the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

Even less well, Yilmaz remains the offensive leader of LOSC

He is a boy who gives a lot. Playing every three to four days in clubs and in the national teams is energy intensive and it is often when you are tired that you are a little frustrated, especially when the results are not at the end. Burak, maybe there is some tension in him. He wants to do well because he is in a series of games where he scores less. And it’s all our job to make him realize that we need to find a little lightness, fluidity, to better complete the actions “, Analyzed Jocelyn Gourvennec in a press conference before the defeat against PSG (1-2), on the occasion of the 12th day of Ligue 1.

Kraal Yilmaz’s explosive temper is nothing new, to be sure. And the Turkish international (74 capes, 30 goals) remains despite everything one of the leaders of a LOSC who is seriously struggling to repeat his exploits of last season, both in Ligue 1 (12th place) and in the Ligue des champions (2nd in group G with only 5 points in 4 days, after a feat in Seville). His boundless energy on the pitch and warrior mentality sometimes keeps his team afloat.

Its season finally launched?

The Lille coach has also been reassuring in recent weeks about him. “He’s someone who is very lucid, who can be volcanic in matches but who, on a daily basis, has a lot of serenity. He is a player who weighs a lot on the defenses because he has this ability to move very well, and especially to bring depth to the team because he is always on the edge of the offside. He is always a threat to the defenders because they know that they cannot miss each other in their interventions. Then there is success and efficiency, where, like the team, he can certainly do better. “

The great performance of Burak Yilmaz, decisive passer and credited with a 6 in our columns, at the Parc des Princes, where he displayed a face reminiscent of the one he used to show on the lawns of France during the season past, could have served as a trigger to finally launch his season and that of Lille at the same time. But, ill, he had not participated in the great performance of the reigning French champions in Seville (2-1) in C1. The international break and his hat-trick of assists against Gibraltar (6-0) may have allowed him to find new life. Especially since he did not enter until the end of the match in Monaco (2-2) on Friday. Jocelyn Gourvennec asks no less, especially as a match perhaps capital for the European survival of the Mastiffs is looming this Tuesday (9 pm), in C1, against RB Salzburg in Pierre-Mauroy. The perfect opportunity for the fallen Kraal to prove that his reign is far from over in the North of France.

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