PSG: Gianluigi Buffon believes in the rise of Gigio Donnarumma

In an interview with the show Tiki Taka – La Repubblica del pallone ofItalia 1, Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon, now in Parma in Serie B, spoke about the fate of his compatriot and former team-mate Gianluigi Donnarumma at Paris Saint-Germain: “I think Gigio made a more than justified choice. This season he has some difficulties but I think he will be a starter in the near future. ”

The ex-goalkeeper of Juventus also returned to his time at the club in the capital: “In February of that year I decided to quit because I thought I would make the World Cup and wanted to come full circle with that. I told my lawyer I wanted to quit unless Real Madrid, Barcelona or PSG called me. And after 20 days, the call came. At that time, it seemed a shame to give up such an experience, in such a club and with such a large financial offer. “

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