Just Like Father: Njugush’s Son Follows in Dad’s Footsteps, Imitates Grandpa in Hilarious Clip

  • Njugush’s son Tugi could be seen with colouring on his face that gave him a grandpa look
  • The young one had a stick and cap that perfected his impersonation and his dad could not help but laugh at him
  • The little one left fans in stitches as he claimed to be heading to school and also displayed an old man’s dance

Comedian Blessed Njugush’s son Tugi has shown that the apple does not fall far from the tree, with a hilarious act while at home.

The little one is known to have a funny side that he never shies away from displaying especially around his parents.

In a hilarious clip shared by Njugush on Instagram, the young man posed as a grandpa with a stick, white hair and an old man’s cap.

He appeared to have applied a white colour to get the white beard and eyebrows and he even walked like an old man just to perfect his impersonation.

“I am grandpa,” Tugi could be heard saying as he walked around the room, leaving his father in stitches.

The comedian tried to confuse the young boy by asking him whose kid he was and he forgot to be an old man, noting he is his dad’s son.

Asked where he was headed, Tugi hilariously said he was going to school, prompting his dad to ask if grandfathers still attend school, to which he noted “yes”.

Tugi also performed a hilarious old man’s dance that saw Njugush burst into laughter.

Source: Kenya Breaking News Today

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