Samuel Eto’o ignites on Karim Benzema

Former Real Madrid player and former glory of FC Barcelona, ​​Samuel Eto’o remains an attentive follower of the football world and in an interview for Ace, he returned to several subjects. He notably mentioned Vinicius Junior who has made a crazy start to the season for Real Madrid. However, the former Cameroonian striker believes that we must put the credit on Karim Benzema above all.

“Everyone asks me questions about him. And Benzema? It’s Karim first and foremost, there are things I don’t understand in football. He is the leader of Madrid. Vinicius is a good player who will become very important in football, but we have to give the place of God to God: Benzema today in Madrid is God. People have always wondered between Cristiano and Benzema. Cristiano is gone and Benzema is there. Madrid continue to win because Benzema is there. Then the children will have their moments. ”

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