How to close all tabs in iPhone Safari

Opening new tabs to browse web pages in iPhone Safari is a very practical and routine task. However, it is also very common for the browser accumulate numerous open tabs, leaving the app cluttered and hampering your smartphone’s performance.

At first, the open tabs tab in Safari offer a simple action to close them manually — just open the “Tabs Overview” (from the “Tabs button) and tap “X”, or press a page and drag it What few people know is that the iPhone and iPad’s native browser also allows you to close all tabs with a few touches of the screen.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to instantly restore all closed pages, but you can still go back to your browser history to see which ones were open. Knowing this, see how to close all tabs at once in Safari.

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  1. On the iPhone, open the Safari browser. Then press the “Tabs” button — the same one you use to view pages on the screen;
  2. Tap “Close All Tabs”;
  3. You can also close all tabs in the “Tabs Overview” screen that appears after tapping the “Tabs” tab. To do this, just press the “OK” button and tap “Close All Tabs”.

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