Suicide Squad’s big secret can be discovered by the Red Hood

who watched the movie The Suicide Squad You know the official name of DC Comics’ legal team of villains is Task Force X. And, in the comics, Jason Todd the Red Hood recently discovered that there is also Task Force Z, made up of zombies instead of criminals.

And, after discovering the zombie team, the ex-Robin asks himself about something important: is there a Task Force Y? And if the answer is yes, what is the identity of its members and its mission?

Warning: spoilers to follow!

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As narrated in Task Force Z #2, with scripts by Matthew Rosenberg and artwork by Eddy Barrows, the zombie team is made up of villains resurrected with Lazarus Resin, an item in Amanda Waller’s possession and derived from Ra’s Al Ghul’s Lazarus Wells.

The undead team is led by Red Hood, who, realizing that Suicide Squad has the X in the official name and his team has the Z, begins to think about the possible existence of Task Force Y. Nothing is elaborated on the second edition of the magazine, but clues about the existence of this division may be present in Suicide Squad: King Shark #3.

The edition introduces Limbo Legion, a team also led by Amanda Waller. The team was made to face supernatural threats from DC, and includes members such as Etrigan and Gentleman Ghost. And while Amanda doesn’t call the team Task Force Y, that composition has enough differentials to perhaps hold that role.

But while more information does not appear to prove the existence of this division, we can only continue following the adventures of the Red Hood leading Task Force Z. Who knows in future editions the mystery will not be revealed in its entirety?

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