A Zinedine Zidane-Arsène Wenger ticket for PSG?

Qatari leaders have always appreciated the profile of Arsène Wenger and do not lose hope to see the legend of Arsenal land one day in the organization chart of PSG. A major detail could also make the difference for the Alsatian in this file since Zinedine Zidane, whom Wenger particularly appreciates, would not be against the idea of ​​working with him in Paris if he were to commit with the capital club.

Since the time when the name of Arsène Wenger is linked and cited at Paris Saint-Germain, one sometimes wonders if the story will really take place on a day when it will remain eternally a sea serpent. The iconic former coach of Arsenal moreover recently himself confided, in the documentary “Arsène Wenger: the Invincible”, that he could have sat on the bench of the Parc des Princes of his time with the Gunners. “I could have gone to the French national team. The English national team even two or three times. I could have gone to Real Madrid twice. I could have gone to Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, and even Manchester United. “

But now, the hypothesis of seeing the 72-year-old French technician donning the coach costume again, more than three years after his last match at the Emirates Stadium, is fading over the months. This does not mean, however, that the person who has occupied the post of Director of World Football Development at FIFA since November 13, 2019 will never be hired by a club again. Once again, the name of PSG comes into play.

Wenger wants to work with Zidane

According to our information, the Emir of Qatar still dreams of seeing Arsène Wenger one day land in the organization chart of the club in the capital. Not to occupy the post of coach, although the future of Mauricio Pochettino remains unclear, but on the side of sports management. The Qatari leaders had already tried to repatriate the man with the three English league titles when he left Arsenal in the summer of 2018. In vain therefore, even if several internal people, such as Jean-Claude Blanc, were in favor of his arrival. At the time, even Thomas Tuchel saw his possible arrival favorably, instead of Antero Henrique, finally replaced by Leonardo. Arsène Wenger, whose name has also been mentioned in the past at Real Madrid for an identical position, was not necessarily very hot, at the time, to join a somewhat muddled situation where he would not have full powers sportingly. He is always listening to what PSG might offer him in the future.

One important element could make the difference in this story: Zinedine Zidane. In the event of the appointment of the former coach of Real Madrid on the Parisian bench, it would be a huge surplus of motivation for Arsène Wenger, who could thus give in to the sirens of PSG. Here is a new chapter to add to the pages of a story which, without having really started, is far from over. At a time when the future of Mauricio Pochettino seems more and more uncertain and that the choices and decisions of Leonardo continue to be questioned by the supporters, the idea of ​​a Zidane-Wenger ticket could have a sacred seal Porte de Saint-Cloud.

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