Cops launch manhunt for 3 suspects who robbed Kericho woman

DCI detectives based in Kericho County are hunting down three men who violently robbed a 21-year-old lady at a PSV as she travelled home on Sunday night.

The police said they attacked a lady who had boarded a seven-seater black Toyota Wish at 9 pm at a stage opposite Kipchimatt Supermarket, bound for Chepseon area of Kericho.

“Opting for the vehicle whose make is popular for transport in the county, the young woman found three male occupants, a driver and two others whom she believed were passengers like her. However, it was a matter of time before the trio turned her holy day of worship into a dreadful experience,” police said.

Just after the lady boarded the vehicle, the driver drove towards Chepseon direction, before asking for the lady’s fare after covering a kilometre.

“Hardly had she gone for her purse when one of the suspects grabbed her by the neck, ordering her to surrender her smartphone and all the money she had,” DCI said.

“The choked and terrified victim complied, whereby the malefactors threw her from the vehicle at Duka Moja area and sped off.”

She was later helped by a Good Samaritans who found her in excruciating pain who reported the incident to the police.

The police have asked members of the public to report any information related to the incident even as they continue to investigate the vehicle’s registration details.

The perpetrators are yet to be identified.

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