New easter egg from Apple Store makes it “snow” on iPhone screen

In a play with the coldest season in the northern hemisphere, the Apple Store makes “snow” on the iPhone screen. A new iOS easter egg puts little snowflakes on your phone screen to paint the holiday mood.

Don’t get too excited, the effect is very discreet. When searching for “Let it snow” in the Apple Store search box, the little snowflakes take the iPhone screen in a very smooth animation that persists while the app is not closed, nothing that compromises the experience of using the app.

This addition is not new either. This year’s “Let it snow” is just a continuation of Apple’s annual tradition of playing with the holiday season.

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The new thing should be available to all iPhone users by now, so just search the Apple Store to play with the snow effects as you prepare your shopping cart for gifts for relatives (or yourself, too) .

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