Galaxy Z Fold 3 Bootloader Unlockable Without Camera Restrictions

Launched at the beginning of the second half, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 brought a surprise to those interested in removing the systemic restrictions of the cell. Samsung prevented the bootloader from being unlocked without losing access to the cameras. Apparently the brand saw that it was too extreme a measure, and new information gathered from the second beta of the One UI 4 for the device shows that a new path can be traced.

The second beta version of the One UI 4 for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 would have removed the restriction, meaning that anyone already testing Android 12 can unlock the bootloader without losing photo and video functions.

It is quite likely that this new Samsung policy will also be released for the stable version of the system. A developer is looking to isolate files from the One UI 4 beta 2 to see the possibility of removing this limitation in the current stable release. There is still no news.

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freedom, but not so much

It should be noted that unlocking the bootloader and other system-level access can compromise a number of cell phone functions. Knox may disable Secure Folder, Samsung Pay may not work, and so on.

The procedure is most common for advanced users, who want to extremelly customize a device that is still in its update cycle. However, these are now done manually, as the manufacturer can disable access to updates via OTA.

Unlocking the bootloader turns out to be more common as a way to give life to discontinued cell phones. Thus, developers can release more current versions of Android than those officially distributed by the brand. And the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is far from being discontinued by Samsung.

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