Sites and apps to organize secret friend (or hidden friend)

The traditional way of organizing a secret friend, while effective, is not the best alternative. After all, there is currently a huge variety of websites and applications that make drawing names simpler, more practical and more confidential.

With the arrival of the holiday season, this practice intensifies. Whether in the workplace, among friends and family, automatic drawing methods are always an interesting outlet — especially when participants live in different locations.

In addition to delegating the names of the hidden friend, some platforms have additional functions, such as the possibility to determine a budget, date and list of gifts. Check out, below, a list with some secret friend raffle sites.

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1. Secret Friend

One of the most popular options, Amigo Secreto requires all participants in the game to register. It is necessary to inform the name, e-mail, password, gender, date of birth, as well as the state and city of residence.

Through the website, it is possible to determine the type of gift (single, chocolates or wines), stipulate a minimum and maximum value, as well as the place, date and time of the get-together. There is also the possibility of holding draws with different groups of people simultaneously.

2. Secret Friend Raffle

Despite the less attractive interface, Secret Friend Raffle is another interesting option to organize the exchange of gifts. Its greatest asset is to allow the user to create restrictions on the draw. If two participants have a conflict, for example, it is possible to prevent them from giving gifts.

3. Gifwe

Another way to organize your hidden friend is Gifwe. In addition to allowing attendees to enter their gift preferences, the site also offers a chat for them to interact without revealing their identity.

In addition, Gifwe offers two drawing models: an automatic and a manual. In the first, the user can fill in the celebration information (such as date and place) later. The second, in turn, requires the supply of all these data for the drawing of names.

4. DrawGo

The last site to organize your secret friend on the list is SorteioGo — the only one that doesn’t need to create an account. The practical effect of this is simple: whoever carries out the draw on the platform will also be responsible for reporting the results to each participant. To use SorteioGo, just inform the number of people and the name of each one.

5. Paper

Compatibility: Android and iOSPrice: free

With a relaxed name, Papelzinho is an application with a structure similar to SorteioGo. By dispensing with the registration of participants, the platform requires the organizer to enter only the names of each individual and their email addresses. It is also possible to create different groups in the app.

6. Secret Friend 22

Compatibility: Android and iOSPrice: Free with in-app purchase option

Another option is Amigo Secreto 22 which, when compared to the previous app, offers a more complete experience. In it, the user can create groups organized by date and budget. Additionally, a group code is generated and can be shared with other participants.

Now that you know multiple sites and applications to organize your Secret-Friend, how about getting your hands dirty?

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