Users report problems using SD cards on latest MacBooks

Several units of the 2021 MacBooks are experiencing issues related to the use of SD cards, according to MacRumors forum users. There aren’t many patterns as to which glitches appear, as experiences include text error messages, Finder crashes, slow transfer speeds, and more.

The situations have been recorded on different 14-inch and 16-inch models, so there’s also not much consistency as to which MacBooks might have issues in this regard. In certain cases, using an adapter or hub can represent a solution, as the user who started the discussion pointed out: he stated that “there are several SD cards that the MacBook Pro doesn’t recognize, but when using the USB-C adapter from Apple SD card, operation is normal”.

Once the card is recognized, it may take some time to work properly. According to user 2Stepfan, “Photos uploaded via a 64GB SD card to the MacBook Pro take a few minutes to appear.” He still says he’s quite frustrated with the experience, especially when the Finder crashes and needs to be restarted, something that has happened a few times.

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Problem still has unknown solution

So far, the people reporting the problems haven’t found a solution that makes the SD cards work satisfactorily — even formatting the drive doesn’t seem to give noticeable results. The fact that situations happen almost randomly also makes a more accurate diagnosis difficult, which would facilitate a more viable solution.

Whether the problems are related to notebook hardware or software has yet to be discovered, but Apple is betting on the latter. The company would already be aware of the situations, and an update should be released soon — however, the brand has not made any official statement so far. The 12.1 beta version of MacOS Monterrey would have fixed the problems for some specific users, but others needed to replace the MacBook Pro with a new unit.

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