Doctor Tells Of The Stress Driving Ruto’s Indefatigable Campaign

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Deputy President William Ruto has been on rigorous campaign travails in the last couple of months and while his competitors seem to battle exhaustion, he remains indefatigable.


And while indeed he is known to have a knack for physical fitness, is a teetotaller, and is only 56- the campaigns have been a little too intense.

Psychiatrist Dr. Njagi Kumantha has described the DP’s energy as emanating from self-motivation to succeed.

The Nairobi-based consultant said Ruto’s energy is triggered by adrenaline informed by the fast-approaching August 2022 presidential contest.

“The adrenaline makes you physically strong, you may find you did not sleep at night, you wake up in the morning and still feeling energetic,” he is quoted by the Star.

“Stress can be a form of motivation that pushes us to achieve certain things. If the stress is too much, it becomes counterproductive. It is the mind that controls the body and not the other way round,” he said.

He adds that when one when you set out to achieve something that means so much to them, they are optimally motivated to move on what is called mental energy because one finds themselves doing more than what they can do normally.,


Kumantha however warned that unchecked energy could result in burnout, advising the DP to consider delegating some of the talking to some of his troops, averring further that the DP has shown signs of burnout going by his latest public comments and the December holidays will offer him a break.

“If you get exhausted and continue overworking yourself, you develop what we call distress. Distress is an early sign that you are overworking yourself,” he said.

He added,

“It is like some early stages of depression where you find yourself angry, you can become abusive and we have seen some of these characteristics in some of our candidates when the elections are near,” he said.

Ruto on Tuesday had a rough time calming down a section of the youths who were heckling him while he was addressing residents in Laikipia County.

“Hapana hamtaharibu mkutano yangu, mpange mkutano yenu, wacheni upuzi. Hapana… Siwezikukubali. Kwani mumekuja kutupigia Makelele hapa? (You can come here to disrupt our rally, organize you rallies where you can heckle, you should stop this nonsense. I can’t allow this to happen, you can’t make noise for us),” Ruto said.

Adding: “Lazima tuwe an nidhamu, msikuje hapa kupiga kelele kwa mikutano yangu. Kila mtu apange mkutane yake… Apange mkutano yake, hii mkutano ni yangu (We must have respect between up, you can make noises in my rally. Let everyone organize their rallies where they can heckle).

In the same rally, Laikipia Woman Rep Cate Waruguru who recently jumped the ship to Ruto’s camp was also heckled by a section of the youth.

Ruto is set for a six-day campaign tour of five counties before he finally retreats to his Sugoi home for the Christmas holidays. That respite doesn’t mean politicking won’t go on as he seeks the presidency.

The DP, who concluded his week-long trip to Nyeri and Laikipia on Tuesday, is expected to attend several functions and address a series of rallies in Kisii on Wednesday.

The DP will head to Makueni on Thursday.

On Friday and Saturday, he will be in Turkana as a chief guest at the annual tourism and cultural festival event.

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