Kenyan Woman Dies In Saudi Arabia 10 Days After Securing A job

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A Kenyan lady dies in Saudi Arabia a few days after securing a cleaning job.


Lucy Wanja, 35 years old left Kenya on September 12th in search of greener pastures in the Gulf Country hoping to secure her future.

A few days after her arrival, her family was informed that their daughter was in a critical condition after falling while showering.

However, her family started receiving conflicting information about what had happened to their daughter.

They were later told that  Wanja had suffered a cardiopulmonary arrest and lastly, they were told she succumbed to Covid-19.

According to the reports, Wanja was making her second attempt to Saudi  Arabia after a local labor exporting agency travel to Saudi Arabia to look for a job but it hit a bottom rock when the agent disappeared with her Ksh150,000.

She, however, did give up, she tried and this time around she was successful in securing a job, yet tragic.

“She was among 50 girls who had been conned by an agent in 2018. Their air tickets were ready but when they reached Moi International Airport, they were told the tickets had been booked but not paid for. The agent vanished and closed down his office and we are still looking for him,” her sister Naomi said.

Her body arrived in the country a few days ago, Her family is yet to come to terms with the demise of her daughter who had left the country in good health.

The  67-year-old  Susan Nzilani is now demanding justice, calling on the Kenyan government to help unravel the cause of her daughter’s death.

“They have brought a corpse instead of my dear child. My daughter was healthy and I don’t understand what happened when she arrived there,” she said.

A few months ago, A viral soul-stirring video clip of a distressed Kenyan lady identified as Calister Nyamache helplessly wandering in the busy streets of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia that took the internet by storm pasting the horrifying state of affairs of Kenyan migrant workers in the gulf country.

An extremely tormented Calister is recorded running aimlessly in a busy street while kneeling down from time to time pleading for help from uncurious passers-by.

Calister’s desperate situation has since provoked Kenyans on Twitter to spearhead a vigorous online campaign under the hashtag Bring Calister home.

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