‘Mkiona Wameleta Fujo Mjue Tumewashinda Na Akili,’ DP Ruto Urge Kenyans To Shun Violent Leaders (video)

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Deputy President William Ruto has urged Kenyans to be wary of leaders bent on inciting them to turn against each other to achieve their selfish ends.


He said there were schemes being orchestrated by his competitors to incite Kenyans against each other to evoke tribal emotions.

He said Kenyans were more enlightened than before,adding that such evil plans will not succeed.

The Deputy President said the schemes to disrupt peaceful coexistence among Kenyans was being executed by his detractors, including senior government officials.

Ruto has said he has teamed up with like minded leaders to form political party with national outlook that will unite Kenyans and thwart his opponent’s plans of dividing the country.

“We have teamed up with over 160 MPs from across the country to build a national political party,the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), that will unite all Kenyans irrespective of tribes,” he said.

Speaking in Kisii County during a series of empowerment programmes, Dr Ruto asked civil servants to steer clear of politics and focus on the duties of serving all Kenyans.

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