Nana Owiti recalls talking barefooted to school in heartwarming post: ‘I can’t believe’

Media personality Nana Owiti has opened up about her childhood, narrating how she used to walk barefooted to school.

Through her Instagram page, the media personality shared her experience as an inspiration to people to remember it’s not where they started from that matters, but where they are headed.

“I can’t believe as a child I walked to school without shoes. The ground would be so hot, such that there would be literally a steam brewing from the soil

“We would run, hide under trees that were scanty and go looking for fresh cow dung and smear it on our feet so that it gave us a protective/cooling layering for our tiny soles,” she wrote. 

Nana also recalled how they would sing for God outside their home with the moon shining just like their voices.

“Let me just say this, it doesn’t matter where we come from, God is the author of our lives,” she further wrote. 

This came months after Nana noted that she would never want to have a white wedding in her life.

Speaking on her TV show, ChatSpot, the mother of three also disclosed that she is not ‘married’ to the idea of a traditional wedding because her parents are not there.

“I would never want a wedding nor a ruracio. Ruracio for me is tricky because my parents aren’t there. I do not want to drain myself. I am, doing it (come we stay) till I die,” said Nana.

Nana went ahead to say that she has never discussed about getting married with her husband, rapper King Kaka, noting that it is never a big deal to her.

“Compromise is a very big attribute when you are cohabiting. Try living with someone is when you will learn that patience is a virtue. It’s never a conversation we have, I never ask ‘ati tunaenda kwa AG lini?’ This works for us it’s not a big deal,” she said.

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