Ndii Dumps DP? Here’s The Truth Behind Economist’s Alleged Scathing Letter

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Kenyans online were on Tuesday, December 7, treated to a letter allegedly scribbled by celebrated Economist David Ndii in which he purported to have ditched Deputy President William Ruto’s camp.


“Following a sequence of personal reflection and thought-provoking reviews, I wish to tender my resignation as your economic advisor,” the letter read in part.

The document dated December 7 and signed off by “David Ndii” claimed that the economist was the brainchild of the bottom-up economic model, noting that it was used by the National Super Alliance (Nasa) in 2017 and that he was no ditching the same, terming it ‘a political deception driven by graft.’

David Ndii ABANDONS RUTO Over UNPAID DUES. pic.twitter.com/Cs7SA2UkVz

— Mr. Kinuthia Pius. (@Belive_Kinuthia) December 7, 2021

However, in a statement, the economist distanced himself from the open letter, stating that he had not authored it. Ndii noted that the last letter he penned was last year and was addressed to President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“This is the only open letter I have written recently,” he wrote, sharing the five-page document.

This is the only open letter I have written recently. pic.twitter.com/N5E3spr4aN

— David Ndii (@DavidNdii) December 7, 2021

The open letter, dated March 25th, 2020 was directed to the President, decrying the manner in which the Jubilee administration handled the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ndii joined Ruto’s campaign team in September 2020 in what many see as a protest move against ODM leader Raila Odinga and the NASA brigade which he worked for as a campaign strategist.

On Saturday, October 22, Ndii shared a master plan detailing how Deputy President William Ruto’s bottom-up economic approach will work to eradicate poverty. He included the rehabilitation of the Nairobi River and the creation of 250,000 street businesses that would be paying Ksh2,500 rent per month.

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