Startup launches an app that easily schedules your car’s review

The startup Minha Review has launched an application (iOS | Android) for the driver to schedule the review of his car online, with direct access to service providers. The intention is to improve the quality of the customer experience, centralizing processes such as choosing the workshop and scheduling on the platform.

After downloading the app, all you have to do is create a record, select the car brand, choose the service package you want for the car, the nearest garage, the scheduled date and make the payment. In other words, what used to take a few days before, can be done in a few clicks. There are three types of review packages that vary according to the consumer’s needs, from the most basic services to the complete list.

To ensure the quality of the platform, Minha Revision made a pre-selection of workshops and prioritized those with more advanced equipment. Some, for example, have an automotive scanner, which receives and sends the vehicle’s electronic injection parameters in real time. Another requirement is to have an alignment and balancing center.

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The company tries to expand a common place in the relationship between cars and technology. This market is usually associated with inventions in design, parts and accessories, but Minha Revision wants to contribute to innovation in automotive services. As an example of this, in September the Zul+ app and the startup 180° Seguros launched the first insurance with intermittent coverage, that is, the customer only activates it when the car is parked on the street.

“In the case of review, today, many factors influence the time of scheduling. The application becomes an interesting tool to generate a new driver’s habit. Everything efficiently, without headaches and within reach”, emphasizes Bruno Monteiro, head of technology at Minha Revision, which already has 150 accredited workshops in nine states.

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