Toyota Announces New Platform for Hybrid and Electric Cars

Toyota has well-laid plans for the future involving not only the brand’s electric cars, but also hybrids and plug-in hybrids. To expand its market share and, at the same time, reach its decarbonization target by 2035, the automaker announced E3.

It is the new platform developed by Toyota engineers and will exclusively serve as the basis for electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars made in Europe. The E3 will combine elements of the compact GA-C architecture and the all-electric platform, e-TNGA, where the bZ4X was born.

Matt Harrison, CEO of Toyota Europe, confirmed the news to Automotive News and justified the creation of the new platform in one word: flexibility.

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“We are convinced that the journey towards carbon neutrality will not only be electric, it will be eclectic, that is, it will encompass multiple technologies and fuels that lead to the same destination”, he commented.

What will be the 1st Toyota on the E3 platform?

Despite not being official information, the comments about which vehicle will debut the Toyota E3 platform fall on the C-HR, a compact crossover that is manufactured in Turkey and is in the process of changing generations.

As the announcement about the platform does not say whether it is exclusive to compact models or also covers the larger ones, it remains to be seen whether Corolla, Prius and Lexus will also use the E3. The idea is for factories in Turkey and the United Kingdom, which produce 450,000 cars a year, to use E3.

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