Uhuru’s Plea to Cops Over Rising Cases of Rage Killings

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta has issued a statement after a police officer shot six civilians before turning the gun on himself.

    While addressing General Service Unit (GSU) graduates at their Embakasi Campus in Nairobi County on Wednesday, December 8, the Head of State raised concern over the rising cases of rage killings by police officers. 

    Uhuru pleaded with cops to seek alternative means of addressing their issues such as counseling. He reminded the police of the great responsibility they hold with their guns.

    Police at a pass-out parade in November 2019.

    Police at a pass-out parade in November 2019.


    “I want to urge you especially the young people, There are so many problems in this world but there is no problem that cannot be solved when people speak. I say this because this issue is disturbing me.

     “I am begging you. If you see that you have a problem at home or at work, look for your colleagues, seniors, or family so that you talk to them. You will get a solution by simply talking,” Uhuru advised.

    The president also acknowledged that mental health was a real challenge within the police service further urging cops to embrace the challenges they were facing.

    “Mental health is a real problem but it is a problem that can be addressed if you reach out. There is no need of carrying out the acts that we have seen. Please, just step forward. There is no shame in it.

    “Your gun is for protecting lives, not taking it. I want to promise you that this problem is everywhere and it is a problem we want to deal with as a government,” the Head of State asserted.

    Additionally, the president expressed his desire in finding solutions to the challenges that have been identified as the root cause of mental health problems. 

    He added that his administration had already reformed housing policies for police officers which have allowed many officers to rent houses outside the stations. 

    “These and other welfare and benefits initiatives have ensured the nation of Kenya is taking better care of those who take care of us,” Uhuru stated.

    Uhuru’s sentiments come a day after police constable Benson Imbatu, an officer attached to Kabete police station, shot six civilians before taking his life. According to a preliminary investigations report by the Independent Policing Oversight Authority (IPOA) the officer was previously accused of killing a civilian in a past case.

    Undated image of a crime scene

    An Image of a police tape on a crime scene

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