DC Comics reveals part of the origin of the cosmic gods of your universe

The universe of DC Comics comics has several cosmic and powerful beings, shrouded in mysteries as to their origins. It was hoped that one day these secrets would be revealed, but it is likely that almost no one expected them to be published in a magazine by Nanaue the King Shark.

Warning: Spoilers to follow!

the miniseries Suicide Squad: King Shark tells how the father of the King Shark, Lord Chondrakha, the God of Sharks, made Nanaue participate in the Wild Games, a contest between animals from all over the universe in life and death fights.

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In the eighth edition of the miniseries, Nanaue is being attacked by the supernatural division of the Suicide Squad, composed by the demon Etrigan, the Gentleman Ghost and, with some prominence, Pigeon, a villain of the Nightwing that disappeared since 2018.

In your return on the pages of Suicide Squad: King Shark #8, Pigeon is looking very different, and with some cosmic powers. The mystery of her new condition is revealed when she, at the opening of the issue, explains to Nanaue that the First World Gods were created from faith, and to balance the universe, existence manifested creatures, like the winged villain, capable of murder the deities.

The First World Gods precede, within the DC Universe mythology, the well-known Fourth World Gods, whose important characters are Darkseid and the New Gods. Though rarely seen in stories, they are often cited as the architects of the publisher’s current comic book reality, with a role similar to that of the Celestials at Marvel.

It is curious that such a bomb on the DC Universe was revealed in a magazine focused on the King Shark, but in the end, he, as the son of an aquatic deity, may be one of the characters without cosmic powers with more connections to that side of the publisher’s comics.

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