Diana Marua accuses Willy Paul of attempting to rape her – VIDEO

Content creator-cum-rapper Diana Marua has picked a fresh fight with musician Willy Paul in a revelation that is going to spark a massive debate.

In a fresh twist of events, the rapper has accused Willy of attempted rape years back before she got to the limelight.

In a YouTube video, Diana started off by telling off Willy for using her name to chase clout in a bid to popularise his music projects.

“I’m still in shock and in disbelief that some one would go to any extent to clout chase using my name, you drag my name into your nonsense so that people talk about you, watch you, listen to your music 

“How do you got to an extent of disrespecting a woman this much?… You have the audacity to call out my name and say that you slept with me for what. Why are you lying to the public? You know what you did, why are you lying to the public?” Diana wondered.

The mother of two noted that Willy’s move to drag her on social media has forced her to come out and sharw her story.

“I’ve been quiet for a while now but I’m going to release it out today, I’ve been fighting this for a very long time and I never imagined that at some point in my life I’d be sitting here to share this story,” she added. 

It was at this point that Diana let it out, recalling his first encounter with Willy and how much he was consistent with getting into a relationship with her.

“A few years ago, this boy called Willy Paul had been pursuing me for a while, it was be coming too much and that time I remember I was living somewhere around Syokimau and then there’s this day that I was at the movie shop and I see Willy Paul, so he comes in and he’s being all touchy,” said Diana. 

The rapper said Willy then suggested that they go to her house so that they could talk to which she denied, but Willy said they could also talk from his car.

“I’m there minding my own business and he tells me, ‘let’s go to your house we talk’. So I tell him I would not allow him in because I don’t know him, he was arrogant and he told me we get into the car so that we talk from there,” said Diana before breaking down.


“I accepted and got into the car to hear what he had to say. I get into the car, the guy locks the car and drives off… It has taken me so long to even share this story with my husband. It took me three years before I opened up to Bahati about what I went through with his guy.” 

Diana narrates that while driving, the Saldido CEO was touchy and would not respond to her questions.

“I get inside the car, he locks the car, puts loud music and drives off. So I ask him what he is doing and where we were going but he is not talking, he is being touchy and I said let me cool because I don’t know what’s happening,” said Diana.

They finally arrived at the final destination where Willy asked Diana to accompany him upstairs to his house and when she refused, Willy went ahead to attempt raping her.

“So we get to some apartments after Gateway mall and then he tells me we go upstairs to his house but I told him I will not go and asked him to return me where he found me… He got angry, came on top of me and started pulling my skirt up, he tore my skirt and my top… I started screaming and this guy was choking me 

“Eventually in the process when I was screaming I think he panicked and he let me go and I got the chance to open the door and ran. My top was torn, my skirt was torn all the way up and I was running like a mad woman and that’s when I spotted a motorbike and went back home,” she added.

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