KRG The Don dismisses Willy Paul – Bahati beef, claims they are friends

Dancehall musician KRG The Don recently dismissed the beef between musicians Bahati and Willy Paul claiming that they are close friends.

Speaking to Nicholas Kioko, the musician said the two count on each other and are much more closer to each other off the public, only that most of their fans don’t know.

“Bahati and Willy Paul have been riding on each other’s back for the longest time. When they started singing they were friends before they became rivals, but honestly off the public they are friends it’s only that people don’t know,” KRG said.

KRG added that the two musicians push their presumed beef in order to remain relevant in the music industry.

“They ride on each other’s back so that they remain in the game… See they shifted to the secular music industry together and they also come from the same neighbourhood,” he added.

Appearing on Churchill Show close to 6 years ago, Willy Paul narrated his relationship with Bahati, saying Bahati is like his younger brother and that they normally advise each other when things go wrong.

To further drive his point home, he said that the beef between was a creation of the media.

In an interview years back, Bahati stated that they buried the hatchet and they are now friends, adding that they talk over the phone at least once every week.

“Willy ni bro yangu na nampenda sana, hata juzi nilikuwa na yeye. Ni ufala tuu anakuwanga nayo, we talk every week, tunatembelenanga studio and all that. There is no beef, hiyo ilikuwa utoto ya kitambo,” said Bahati.

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