Maina Kageni To Quite Radio In 2022

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Radio Personality Maina Kageni has announced that he will be leaving his radio job come 2022.


Maina who made the announcement during his morning breakfast show on Classic 105 on Thursday, December 9, noted that 2022 will mark the end of his era on the radio.

The radio presenter made it clear that his plan after quitting the Radio Africa-owned station is to start his own business venture in Miami in the United States.

“Come next year, I am done. I will be retiring from this radio job. I plan on running a club in Miami,” he said.

The radio presenter at the same time announced that he has already bought a home there thus settling will be an easier task.

“I will be living in my condor. I bought it some time back. I thought we talked about this?” Maina said while responding to his co-host Daniel Ndambuki.

The radio duo has become a household name in Kenya, thanks to his vibrancy and unique style of presenting the breakfast show.

His years of experience in the media have paid him off as he is believed to be among the most paid radio presenters in Kenya.

Many radio presenters will be quitting their work in 2022 with some expected to join politics.

Among those making an entry into politics include comedian Felix Odiwour, alias Jalang’o who hosts the Kiss 100 breakfast show, and presenter Alex Mwakideu of Milele Fm.

In October this year, Maina also opened up on eyeing a government job under President Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration.

The radio presenter stated that he was eyeing an ambassadorial job immediately he quits the radio. He, however, did not reveal when he was planning to leave his high-paying job.

“I have never thought of a political seat, never ever, I can’t even think about it. I am going to be an ambassador.” 

“I want to be a diplomat in a foreign nation save for Gabon. My plan will always be to be an ambassador,” he reiterated.  He said.

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