Nsimbi Releases Mbaga Single Ahead Of Debut EP

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Ugandan rapper G.N.L Zamba and his wife, Tamar under their music group ‘Nsimbi Music’ have released a new song dubbed ‘Mbaga’. In ‘Mbaga’ (translated from Luganda to mean ‘Wedding’),


the couple promise to love each other for eternity. The song is a celebration of love between two people who never gave up on each other.

“What drives this song for us as artists is the need to celebrate diverse cultures, and traditional weddings in Africa are a beautiful cultural explosion of colors,” Nsimbi told Music In Africa. “What is a celebration of love without dancing, expressions of personal fashion, and affirmation of tradition? The lyrics have a Jewish niggun chant in the chorus, while the beat drives one to dance.”

About The Song

‘Mbaga’ is an ideal song for a wedding ceremony as you walk down the aisle hand in hand with the person you love to celebrate your union. The affirmations and assurances in between the lines make it worthwhile.

The song makes part of the overall theme of love and positivity that runs throughout the upcoming five-track EP. Commenting on the upcoming release, Nsimbi said: “The songs on the EP came together during the lockdown period. At the time, there was so much uncertainty and people were in low spirits. Infinity offers positive vibes about love, the power of human connection, spirituality and the awakening of our higher consciousness.”

“In most cultures, weddings are an opportunity to connect. It is a riot of colors with explosions of laughter, joy, and expression through dance,” G.N.L Zamba said as he shared the song.

The lyrics in Luganda, English, and a little bit of Swahili were written by both G.N.L Zamba and Miriam Tamar. The audio was produced by ABM’s Kuseim while the video is set to be released soon.

Mbaga is the couple’s first single off Nsimbi’s upcoming Infinity EP which they describe as their labor of love project.

The EP is meant to celebrate love, cultural blending, fashion, travel, and diversity. The projects were shot during G.N.L Zamba and Miriam Tamar’s recent trip to Uganda.

Listen to the music on Youtube.

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