Sauti Sol’s Chimano comes out as a member of LGBTQ community

Sol’s band member Willis Austin Chimano has finally clarified his sexual orientation following years of speculations.

In a recent interview, the musician boldly put the rumours to rest as he confidently revealed that he is a member of the LGBTQ community.

On why he decided to come out, Chimano said he no longer wants to live a lie by hiding his true identity from his fans.

“It is the first time I am expressing myself in a song. You really get to know who Chimano is and that is a heavy crown to carry. It is just a representation of the underground ballroom culture within the queer community which I am part of,” he said.

He added that sexual orientation does not define anyone as it is all about living a happy, fulfilling life, adding that it is why he felt the need to came out.

“So, I am just laying everything bare; from now on, hakuna kujificha jificha. Sexuality does not define you. It is just about me putting myself out there, my creativity and living my truth. Figure out what your own happiness is most importantly with yourself. Gather your own life,” he added.

Chimano added that he strongly believes that everyone should live their truth and be happy about it.

According to him, gone are the days that anyone lived a life based on certain societal norms.

“As I get older, I have a bigger perspective of life and who I am supposed to be. It is not about what everybody else thinks I should be,” he said.

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