(Video)Diana Marua Tearfully Narrates How Willy Paul Attempted to Rape Her, Days After Pozee Released Dis-Track

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The mano-a-mano between Artists Willy Paul and Diana Marua aka Diana B has hit unsettling levels with accusations of sexual assault now being bandied.


It started when, hours after Diana made her debut into the music world, Pozze laughed off her art, terming it as a joke.

In a post drumming support for his new Album ‘The African Experience’, the Sintolia singer described the Bahati’s as “the family of manduru na ma off-keys”.

The Saldido President also apologized to Kenyans, alleging that they had been ‘traumatized’ by Diana B’s new rapper song.

Tired of listening to bad music from that family? The family of manduru na ma off-keys?? I know most of you are still traumatized coz of that ka incident… don’t worry I got you covered n ready to help. Go listen to #theafricanexperiencealbum on @boomplaymusicke now, thank me later… once again I’m sorry you had to go through all that.. my album will heal you.

In a quick retaliation during a radio interview,  Diana said Pozze might be hating because his last song is yet to get to the 1million mark despite being in the industry for a longer period.

“I released a song three days ago and right now it has over 1million views. This guy has been in the industry for so long…I have just joined music [sic] literally three days ago and numbers don’t lie.

“I just feel like he is hating because I am ahead of him and it has just been three days…just give me a break,” said Diana.

Willy Paul reacted by releasing a Diss-track where he labelled Diana as a Street wench that even he has had a go at.

In a new twist, Marua has come out to narrate an ugly ordeal that she went through in the hands of controversial  Paul.

Diana recalls while living along Mombasa Road at Great Wall Apartments, Willy Paul used to hit on her repeatedly but when she continuously refused, the artist one day lured her into his vehicle, locked the doors, sped off, and turned on loud music.

She claims that Willy Paul then took Diana into an apartment where he allegedly attempted to assault her sexually.

Diana Marua says she managed to find her way out of the apartment with torn clothes and was only rescued by a motorbike rider.

She says it took her 3 years to open up to Bahati about the incident and got triggered to open up to the public when Willy Paul recorded a diss-track a few days ago claiming that he had slept with her.

Diana has added that she has already taken legal measures against Willy Paul and will fight for justice until it’s rightfully served.

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