Windows gets wallpaper that celebrates the Pantone color of 2022

The Pantone color of the year for 2022 has been announced by Microsoft: it is PANTONE 17–3938 Very Peri. It’s the first time that Pantone has created an entirely new color for the occasion, so to celebrate this unique moment, the software giant has added coloring to the Windows 11 wallpaper and other software such as Teams, the Edge and Power Point.

The color appearance is a mix of hues of periwinkle blue and violet to deliver a very beautiful and different look. Microsoft’s design team said that incorporating the PANTONE 17–3938 Very Peri is a way to “inspire people to feel more empowered and creative in their daily efforts.”

According to the creators of the Windows look, periwinkle blues are special because they convey a feeling of confidence, while violet/purple makes people feel “more playful and joyful”. The company believes that the combination of these tones should strengthen the ideals of creative collaboration and personal expression, which are fundamental to everyday work.

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Teams will receive a background in this hue and a complementary color palette to bring more personality to meetings. Coloring will appear in new PowerPoint templates and everywhere there are toolkits for graphic work.

Windows 11 themed wallpaper with Pantone of the Year color can be downloaded for free from the Microsft Store. There are four images in total that have color variations for you to use fixedly or alternately on your computer.

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