Man Saves Money Every Month to Buy Groceries for Parents: “An Absolute Angel”

  • Melusi Sitshaluza has been saving R500 (KSh 3,500) every month for the past year and used the money to spoil his parents
  • The proud son took his mother grocery shopping where he purchased items that should last for three months
  • His amazing story was shared with the popular #ImStaying group on Facebook and is inspiring many locals to do the same

Melusi Sitshaluza, a South African man, took to Facebook to inspire the platform’s users.

Melusi has been saving R500 (equivalent to KSh 3,500) every month for this year and adding it to a gift card.

He managed to save R6,000 (KSh 41,000) and helped his parents out.

Knowing that December and January are stressful for his parents, he thought he would do something special for them.

Melusi purchased groceries that, he says, will last his parents two to three months.

His post read:

“I saved R500 (KSh 3,500) for 12 months on my gift card, total is R6 000 (KSh 41,000), been doing this for the past two years. I know December and January are stressful but my parents will be less stressed because I bought them groceries that can last for two to three months.

“Love your parents while they are still alive.”

Read some of the comments Melusi received below:

Rina Melwich said:

“Wow! That’s awesome! Very well done. Parents are very important. Keep up the amazing work. God’s blessings.”

Wendy Vw wrote:

“Thank you for honouring your parents in this way. Looks like they did a pretty stellar job raising you.”

Caroline Lingenfelder shared:

“May you be blessed abundantly for the love and respect you give your parents.”

Rochelle Julius commented:

“I love this, give them flowers while they can still see it. May you be blessed Melusi.”

Eva Gertse responded with:

“Nothing better than a child that cares. Blessings are coming your way.”

Bernice Thompson added:

“You Melusi are an absolute angel and the world needs more like you. God Bless you.”

Source: Tuko

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