MediaPal, The Pioneering MarTech Firm Wins Again at the MSK Awards

MediaPal emerged among the top for the most disruptive (MarTech) marketing award at the MSK awards this year. The ad-tech giant bagged the award for the second consecutive year.

The winning campaign, Mastercard’s Contactless Mobile Out-Of-Home Location (MOOH) campaign, was a partnership between MediaPal, Posterscope and Mastercard. The campaign aimed at achieving awareness, consideration, usage and eventually driving new customer acquisitions.

The Mastercard Contactless campaign was also a timely intervention during the Covid-19 pandemic sensitizing customers to minimize contact touch points when making payments, with a simple tap and go checkout.

MediaPal implemented the campaign by geo-targeting malls & shopping centres, restaurants, Mastercard billboards, fuel stations, grocery stores, supermarkets, sporting and entertainment joints.

Furthermore, MediaPal targeted the following audience verticals; shopping, finance, fashion, entertainment, food & drinks, sports, travel, fitness and more. Interest and behaviours like millennials, fit moms, foodies, sports enthusiasts, luxury, shoppers, pet lovers, movie goers and more

In the age of technology that we are in, MediaPal has come up with highly innovative ways to take targeting a notch higher. Our selling point is that we will help you reach your precise target audience wherever they travel on the internet. And that’s how we made true to our promise with this mastercard campaign

Maurice Juma –Co founder and CEO , MediaPal

As the world moves to a cookie-less advertising industry, companies like MediaPal are championing for effective yet consumer friendly advertising solutions that go beyond tracking. By combining users location intent with their interests, they are able to achieve timely rather than intrusive marketing experiences. In fact, 89% of marketers say using location based marketing drastically increase their sales with upto 20X more success than campaigns that aren’t geo-specific. Surveys have also found that 61% of users are likely to engage more with ads customised to their location.

MediaPal’s suite of products caters for all stages of the marketing funnel making it a full omnichannel digital experience platform. The company is also setting up teams to expand to different African markets with plans to launch a variety of mar-tech products in Q1 of 2022.

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