PSG: Thierry Henry analyzes the difficulties of adaptation of Lionel Messi

Whether on the pitch or off, Lionel Messi’s first months in Paris are complicated. His wife and children would find it difficult to get used to Parisian life, the Argentinian would also not understand Mauricio Pochettino’s choices and the way he has been using him since the start of the season. In an interview with GQ, Thierry Henry returned to the difficulties encountered by the seven-time Ballon d’Or, comparing his situation to his when he arrived in Barcelona from Arsenal.

“When you leave a place that you knew very young and for a very long time, that you never thought about leaving, it takes a lot of emotional toll on you. You have to realize and understand where you are, adjust to a new league and team, and digest the move. You saw he cried when he left, it wasn’t fake tears. He cried. It takes a bit of time to adjust and figure out, even if you are him. But you have to understand that this man is also a human being. And that emotionally, sometimes we are all touched by something. Leaving Barcelona is still raw for him. But I think he’ll get over it. I hope he will. I trust him. It’s the same for me when I left Arsenal to go to Barcelona, ​​it took me a while to get used to my surroundings. I never thought I was going to leave Arsenal, so join Barcelona … I was in a big club, in a big city? Yes of course. But it took me a little while to digest it ”, did he declare.

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