Ruth Matete explains decision to quit social media following husband’s death

Gospel star Ruth Matete has explained why she left social media following her husband, Beloved John Apewajoye’s death.

Speaking in a recent interview with Kalekye Mumo, the singer said constant speculation linking her to her husband’s death forced her to leave.

“Through my husband’s ordeal I went through cyberbullying but this time I was wiser. I used to hear things from my close friends. Yes, I knew it was happening but I decided not to go looking for the information myself,” she said.


“I did not want to read about it, I just let things be. It affected me but I dealt with it as soon as I could. My friends really shielded me.” 

Matete said deleting her accounts helped as trolls couldn’t find her.

John died from complications resulting from the burns he sustained in a March 30 fire incident.

According to Chief government pathologist Dr Johansen Oduor, John Olakanmi Apewajoye suffered complications including sepsis (blood infection) and septic shock resulting to multiple organ failure after a domestic accident on March 30.

“He died because of burns, which were mixed degree burns estimated at 60 percent. In burns, what kills are the complications that arise. In this case there was sepsis, multiple organ failure and all that,” Dr Oduor explained after the postmortem.

According to a friend of the couple, the two had bought some cooking gas but the cooker had refused to light due to excess gas in the cylinder.

It is said pastor Apewajoye took the cylinder to the balcony where he released the excess gas.

“It happened that some gas got trapped inside his clothes and when he had fixed it back and tried putting on the cooker, he just caught fire,” a neighbour said.

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