Weezdom defends self after being mentioned in Willy Paul, Diana Marua attempted rape drama

Musician Weezdom has broken his silence after Willy Paul mentioned him in defense following Diana Marua’s attempted rape allegations.

Willy mentioned Weezdom as a witness who could help him win his case against Diana.

In a social media post, Weezdom said that they will try to settle Willy and Bahati’s difference privately through friends and family before he gives his side of the story.

“Hallo fam I’m aware that nimetajwa sana by Pozze about whatever that is going on. Amidst all the allegations za hii story ya Diana. Bahati na Willy Paul are true brothers and both are my friends we’ll try to see if we can settle this privately through friends and family. Ikishindikana, the truth shall set the innocent free,” said Weezdom. 

Amidst the drama, Willy fired back at Diana following the allegations accusing her of trying to destroy him and in turn grow her music career.

“I wasn’t surprised when one of my many enemies, D, identified this vulnerabilityand capitalized on it, all aimed at destroying me and my career at my lowest points in life

“She has pulled the gender card to destroy a modern successful man, she want to grow he or new found music career, otherwise why should she show up with fictitious allegations

“She resorted to using my name to scale the heights by pulling me down. By so she will be growing her brand while fighting her husband’s longtime enemy,” he wrote. 

The musician clarified that he has never sexually assaulted anyone, further claiming that the allegations were orchestrated to win public sympathy.

“The attempted rape allegations by D are baseless and orchestrated to win public sympathy… I have never assaulted anyone sexually, I have never engaged in a non-consensual sex with anyone

“I was raised by a woman and I owe my whole career to a woman who held my hand when I was naive and on diapers in the industry,” Willy added. 

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