Willy Paul Releases Statement To Counter Diana B’s Rape Allegations (Screenshots)

Willy Paul and Diana Marua are still trending on twitter following their recent beef; which has now set tongues wagging after Diana B leaving no stone unturned while exposing Willy Paul for almost r****g her. The all*gations are yet to be confirmed.

Willy Paul has now been roped in to counter the paramount allegations made against him; after he realized Diana was threatening to take the leg*l route.

”All this Women You have R***d and Tried to R**e are already in my DMs and With the influence God has given me I will make sure they all get Justice; Alot of Women have been Quiet because he threatens them to Know big People in Government Wacha Sasa Tuone- Now its Time we Stand for Our Women. I cant stop Crying 😭😭😭 💔💔💔 LET’S MEET IN COURT & STOP A R****T!!!”, emotional Diana shared.

Pozze’s Statement

The ramifications of such allegations are dire; and Pozze had to retaliate by coming up with his statement. He refers to the issue as a clout chasing stunt to boost Diana B’s career as a musician; which she began recently.

Part of his statement read;

”I was not surprised when one of my many enemies, D, identified this vulnerability and capitalized on it, all aimed at destroying me and my career… She wants to grow her new found music career, otherwise why would she show up with fictitious allegations?…”

Pozze connoted that he’s also heading to court for defamatory statements made against him.

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