A US Pilot Captain Chris Kariuki Narrates His Chaotic First Encounter With Wife Gina Din.

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Kenyan public relations guru Gina Din’s husband retired Captain Chris Kariuki has recounted the messy circumstances under how they met.


Speaking during a CTA interview, Captain Kariuki recalled that the first time he met his wife, he got into a confrontation with her father.

The captain who worked for the air force had returned from work In the USA and since the air force base was under construction, he was stationed at the sportsman’s Arms Hotel in Nanyuki which was at the time owned by Gina Din’s father.

Kariuki was however not comfortable with his bed situation at the hotel and after a number of unheard complaints through the reception, he decided to confront the owner, Gina Din’s father.

“ When we came from the U.S we were posted in Nanyuki there was no room at the airforce base, they were still under construction so we were put up at the sportsman arms hotel which was owned by her parents, her mom, and dad ran it,” he recalled.

“ interestingly we met in a chaotic way. The room I was given was one of those small beds and I’m reasonably tall so I requested a few times for them to change my bed at the reception and I’d go to work and coming back they had not changed my bed and after a few days, I got fed up”

An agitated Kariuki went to the owner of the hotel and demanded better service saying “ you Din, I’ve been telling your people about this bed and I’m fed up.

Gina who felt that Kariuki had disrespected her father stood up and said “that is Mr. Din to you! To which Kariuki replied “I don’t care!” however gina din’s father calmly responded and sorted the issue within minutes.

Captain Kariuki would later in the evening apologize to Gina din and that’s how they started talking. Several years and two children later, they are still talking.

“I went to the bar later when Gina DIN came and I apologized to her and said sorry I was rude to your father” added Kariuki.

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