Coupe de France: what risks Olympique Lyonnais

After the serious incidents which punctuated the Coupe de France meeting between the PFC and OL, the Rhone club is risking very high. The disciplinary commission of the FFF will quickly take up this hot issue.

The noose tightens dangerously around Olympique Lyonnais. Less than ten days after being withdrawn from a point by the disciplinary committee of the LFP following the bottle throwing on Dimitri Payet which had led to the stoppage of OL-OM, the Rhone club is more than ever under the threat of new sanctions. But this time, it is not the LFP that will take up the case, but the disciplinary commission of the FFF, organizer of the Coupe de France.

Friday evening, serious incidents in Charléty punctuated the meeting between Paris FC and Olympique Lyonnais. Events which forced the referee of the match to definitively stop hostilities. Faced with the urgency of the situation, the committee should meet next Thursday, reveals the Team. The body would like to act as quickly as possible while respecting the convening deadlines.

The FFF ready to strike hard?

The French Football Federation could thus bring the meeting forward to the beginning of next week. Already in the sights of the LFP a few days ago, OL risk very big. Because the arsenal of sanctions available to the FFF remains extremely wide. Among the latter, the club chaired by Jean-Michel Aulas could have lost match on the green carpet and therefore take the door from the 32nd finals of the competition. Other measures such as the closure of the visitor park can also be considered and be applied in Ligue 1.

But what complicates the position of the Rhone formation in this file, it is the antecedents to these sad incidents. The recidivism factor clearly risks being taken into consideration by the disciplinary committee, and this should weigh heavily when pronouncing the final sanctions. More than ever with his back to the wall, Jean-Michel Aulas is already striving to explain the inexplicable. Heavily sanctioned by the LFP on Wednesday night for his reprehensible behavior towards the referee during OL-OM, the president of Olympique Lyonnais is thrown into the dock. His club should not come out unscathed after this dantesque Friday night …

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