Doctor Strange Unveils Marvel’s Most Mysterious Cosmic Entity in New HQ

The Defenders, a team currently led by Doctor Strange in the Marvel Comics, are on a journey across different cosmos in search of mad scientist Carlo Zota, and in defenders No. 4, released in the USA, realized that the personification of the Fourth Cosmos is an entity already mentioned before and that it appears for the first time in an unexpected way.

Attention: spoilers to follow!

In the plot written by Al Ewing and designed by Javier Rodriguez, we see that the Fourth Cosmos is full of endless landscapes and bizarre versions of Marvel heroes like the Hulk with four faces on his chest. Zota himself appears as an alert Galactus, who ends up being defeated by the team.

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At the end of the fight, Zota reveals the presence of Peregrina, a character who is seen for the first time in this comic book, but who had already been mentioned in Ultimates 2 nº 100 (2017). The Pilgrim was born from the death of the Third Cosmos, as part of the cyclical nature of existence itself. Also known as the True Faithful, the personification of the Fourth Cosmos is described as the one who “traveled into mystery” — references to a Marvel fan nickname Stan Lee (true believers, in English) and to an old magazine of the publisher (Journey into Mystery).

Another detail that contributes to the climate fan service it is the artistic change that takes place in this edition, which uses a more reticulated comic book layout, reminiscent of old prints from comics; and the way she brings the heroes to talk to her, jumping off a comic book page.

The entity speaks briefly to the Defenders, saying that it is not dying, but taking a new form to take its archetypes (the Marvel proto-heroes seen in the issue) in a search for the heart of creation.” Apparently its self-referential character and enigmatic goes far.

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