How to use Apple TV+ in Chromecast

Introduced in 2020, the latest Google Chromecast model was reinvented, bringing a series of new features, such as a physical remote control, new features and improvements in its overall performance, in addition to the launch of the Google TV interface, which serves to aggregate all of your features. applications from streaming platforms (similar to Roku).

For Apple TV+ subscribers, one more thing: Apple’s streaming app is now also compatible with Google’s product, allowing you to stream streaming content directly from your iPhone to your television.

See the steps below for how to watch Apple TV+ on your television via Google Chromecast:

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  1. With your Google Chromecast connected to your television’s HDMI input, open the Apple TV app on your iPhone;
  2. Enter the “Originals” tab in the footer menu to view the original Apple TV+ content, select what you want to watch and put it to play;
  3. With the content running on your iPhone, click on the streaming icon at the top right of the screen;
  4. And that’s it, just wait for the connection between Chromecast and the app to start watching your favorite Apple TV+ content on your television!

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