Speaker Muturi Undergoes Surgery

  • National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has undergone minor surgery on his right hand shoulder after he was involved in an accident while in his office.

    In a statement posted on his Twitter page on Saturday, December 18, Muturi narrated that the accident took place three weeks ago while he was in his office.

    The speaker disclosed that he was pulling a drawer when his seat slid off the tempered glass chair mat and ended up hurting his shoulder and back.

    Parliament Speaker Justin Muturi seated in his office on October 26

    Parliament Speaker Justin Muturi seated in his office on October 26


    “3 weeks ago, just before the House went on recess, I had a minor accident in the office…I sought medical attention and was released to recuperate at home.

    “Unfortunately, the pain persisted and on the advice of the doctors, I have undergone a minor surgery on my right hand shoulder to repair the fracture that I suffered then,” Muturi disclosed.

    On November 18, 2021, reports were awash on social media that speaker Muturi had been rushed with a Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) ambulance to a Nairobi Hospital.

    The news was, however, debunked as fake especially after Muturi was seen presiding over an afternoon session at the National Assembly.

    Addressing the rumours, Muturi clarified that he had sustained a muscle injury after straining his arm while picking his phone off the floor.

    “I have been feeling some pain in my right arm since the incident a few months back.

    “The pain is not excruciating but sometimes, it takes me a few attempts before I raise or wave with the hand, maybe it’s a muscle strain, I needed to check with the orthopaedics,” Muturi then stated.

    Muturi has declared his interest in vying for the presidential seat in 2022.

    National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi

    National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi



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