36 KDF Recruits Arrested at Military School

  • 36 youth were arrested at the Recruits Training School in Eldoret on Sunday, December 19, after they allegedly reported with fake calling letters. 

    The suspects were apprehended by the military police who handed them over to the National Police Service (NPS) for interrogation and further action.

    They are expected to be arraigned in court today to face charges of attempting to deceive the Kenya Defense Forces (KDF). 

    KDF has constantly warned the public to be wary of recruitment syndicates that either forge calling letters or seek bribes from recruiters.

    Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) during a past recruitment in 2019

    Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) during a past recruitment in 2019.


    “There is no such thing as replacement or connections. Beware of tricks by conmen and women and continue to expose them,” KDF declared.

    In April 2021, 55 youth were arrested with fake calling letters as they reported for training at the Moi Barracks Recruits Training School.

    Two months earlier in February 2021, one recruit was arrested for allegedly inscribing the Ksh300 mark on his foot with an intention to bribe officers.

    Police Officers in Kisumu held the recruit who was accused of using unlawful ways to secure a military job.

    These cases have been witnessed in nearly all recruitment drives. In 2020, 71 youth pleaded guilty to charges of forgery of calling letters before Eldoret Principal Magistrate Naomi Wairimu.

    The court handed them a sentence of six months with an alternative fine of Sh20,000 each.

    Political leaders have also openly condemned corruption incidents that mar recruitment drives. Speaking in Parliament in February 2021, Narok Senator Ledama OleKina lamented that corrupt officials had infiltrated the military thus wasting the country’s resources through holding illegitimate drives. 

    “Whenever there’s a recruitment drive, people allege that they pay bribes from Ksh300,000, with some senior officers demanding up to Ksh700,000 to enlist recruits into the military.”

    “This is not only criminal but a threat to our national security,” he observed.

    KDF, in the meantime, is expected to call more recruits to the service prior to New Year. 


    A collage of a sample fake KDF calling letter dated December 20, 2021



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