Christmas Traditions That Slowly Faded Away

  • Christmas is one of the most celebrated events throughout the year. Families take time off their busy schedules to celebrate the holidays together, to make merry and create lifetime memories. 

    However, Christmas celebrations these days are quite different from the traditional setup witnessed years back. 

    The buzz of excitement around the Christmas period has since faded away for a number of reasons. From changes in culture and norms, technology and advancements in the world, just to mention a few. 

    There are some traditions that are considered outdated. In fact, some families further ceased to practice them.  

    Christmas festivities at a hotel in Kenya

    Christmas festivities at a hotel in Kenya


    Christmas Clothes

    Most children eagerly waited to receive gifts and new clothes during the Christmas period. 

    The clothes came with strict codes from parents on how and when to wear them. 

    Upcountry Tours

    Families that were not able to travel home during the years seized on opportune time during the December holidays to go for tours upcountry. 

    This was one of the few moments relatives would meet and reminisce on the good old days. 

    Maintaining the social fabric was a key value within the community. Neighbours would share food and exchange gifts.  

    Chapati was the meal of the day. 

    Photo Sessions 

    Temporary photo booths were always set up at various town centres, even in the cities. These booths were set up with flashy colours and balloons and always had iconic landmarks in the country as backgrounds. 

    From the Kenya International Convention Centre (KICC), or the Nyayo monument at Uhuru Park. 

    The advancement in mobile technology rendered such moments redundant. 

    Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC) building in Nairobi CBD.

    Kenyatta International Conference Center (KICC) building in Nairobi CBD.



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