FC Barcelona: some words of Xavi go badly in Spain

Even though FC Barcelona won 3-2, the former midfielder was not spared by the critics.

On the Barcelona side, the awakening was pretty good, for once, on Sunday morning. Barcelona won 3-2 against Elche on Saturday night; nothing too incredible, some might say, but the momentum has been rather negative so far, and the good performances from nuggets like Gavi have given heart to a lot of fans.

However, some of Xavi’s statements after the meeting went wrong. “I haven’t been here for six years. There are things that surprise me tactically. […] There are situations that are not worked on when they are acquired at age 11 normally. Most of the locker room doesn’t understand this game. I don’t know whose fault it is, but it’s harder than expected. The game model has been lost ”, he confided after the match against Elche. Comments considered arrogant and a little contemptuous of his predecessors in Spain, especially since for the moment, we can not say that his team is doing much better.

A lack of respect for former coaches?

“There is too much aggression and arrogance in his messages, I think it’s going to end badly. You can’t boast of a 3-2 win over Elche, talking about a brilliant game. […] Be careful, because the backlash can be hard ”, for example launched Javier Balboa, former player and consultant of the show El Chiringuito. Same story for some consultants of the Cadena SER in the show El Larguero. “Looks like he’s surprised, but he knew where he was going. The merit of this game is the kids. […] He’s going to have recruits. It’s over looking at the past, he must focus on what is happening now “, we heard.

“What he says is important, and it’s not normal for him to answer ‘I don’t know’ when you ask him who he’s talking about when he has to explain where the loss of the Barça model comes from. The tactical terms that Xavi uses (he notably spoke about third man and pressing, editor’s note), all players know them, he did not invent the magic potion ”, we were also able to listen. It is thus estimated that the former number 8 of La Roja, with his words, lacked respect to Ronald Koeman or Ernesto Valverde. Suffice to say that his next media releases will be scrutinized even more closely.

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