Android apps are more popular than ever on Chrome OS

Android apps are increasingly important to Chrome OS users, revealed a Google survey released on Monday (20). In a year-over-year comparison, the Robot System programs were used 50% more times on the company’s OS-based notebooks.

One of the main advantages of Chrome OS is the compatibility with Android apps — something that even Windows today lags behind. This integration between ecosystems ensures greater versatility for those who use a laptop and a cell phone with Google systems, as well as, obviously, significantly expanding the range of programs, tools and games.

In previous surveys, Google had already highlighted this growing adherence to apps designed for Android on Chrome OS. Perhaps, it was even this trend (added to the current moment in the folding market) that encouraged the company to build Android 12L, a system adapted for devices with larger screens.

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Chrome OS greatly improved in 2021

The report is part of Google’s annual recap on Chrome OS advancements, and among the improvements released throughout 2021, the company highlighted a few. Among them are:

  • Introducing Android 11 support on Chromebooks, including built-in improvements like better window resizing and performance;
  • Android apps can be displayed in their original mobile format without developer intervention;
  • Nearby Share (Google’s proximity share) was made available in Chrome OS 96.

If you’re a developer, have a sharp English and want to review other details implemented in Chrome OS such as support for Unity, improvements in Android Studio and other tweaks, it’s worth checking out the article released by Google.

For the coming year, the priority is to continue releasing easy-to-use guidelines and tools for programmers in 2022. “Our top priority is to find ways to deliver better experiences for all users,” says Google.

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