DJ Creme Dela Creme back with his wife after nasty online breakup (Photos)

DJ Creme Dela Creme must be one happy man to have won his wife months after she walked out on him leaving with both their kids.

From the stories making rounds on social media is that Denise had bagged herself a wealthy man who took both her and the kids. For a minute, Creme Dela Creme sort of confirmed this with his ‘marriage is a scam’ post.

Creme with baby mama, Denise

But oh well, heartbreaks can be rough but once fixed – everything falls back in place like it never hurt. I say this after seeing the new cuddly and lovely family photos shared by Creme after reuniting with his wife Denise.

Finally wedding to happen?

Since their breakup happened a few weeks after their engagement announcement; we have reason to believe that the wedding is back on now that they’re back together.

Although none has said anything about their reunion, the photos shared on their pages confirm that everything is back normal. Anyway check out the latest family portraits from Creme’s happy family.

Creme with his wife and daughter

Creme’s family

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