Operator blocked 21 billion calls with scams and spam in 2021

The number of scam and spam calls more than doubled in 2021, according to data from US operator T-Mobile. According to the company, 21 billion calls of this type were blocked in 2021 by a free protection service, an increase of 116% compared to last year, which also represents a historic mark.

Translating the numbers, the service provider says about 425 million attempts to reach subscribers per week, or 1.8 billion per month. They are unwanted advertising calls, scams and other such occurrences carried out in an automated way, often in search of personal data or undue charges, when they do not simply serve as an unpleasant attempt to sell a service that no one asked for.

The numbers startled even T-Mobile itself, which show that 30 million Americans fall into such scams, on average, each year. According to the company, more than half of the blocked calls were related to scams involving vehicle warranty, followed by attempts to obtain social security data (10%), calls in the name of the operator itself (9%), car insurance ( 6%) or package delivery (4%).

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The survey carried out by the operator also revealed some behavior of criminals and spammers, who tend to take it easy on weekends, with an 80% drop in calls during these periods. On the other hand, the use of the names of large companies in sectors such as healthcare, credit cards, insurance and government to give more legitimacy to telephone scams has increased dramatically.

The “weakest” month in terms of occurrences was January, with 1.1 billion calls, while in November, with Black Friday and the approach of document and insurance renewals, this total jumped to 2.5 billion. Texas, Florida, Arizona and Georgia were the hardest-hit US states, with all the data collected by T-Mobile now serving to implement even more safeguards to the protection services already available.

Also, telecom associates the record obtained this year with the post-vaccination period and the approaching reopening of businesses and businesses. The idea is that the 2020 totals were actually lower than expected, with the scammers focusing on other alternatives during the home office, with the resumption also bringing back the criminal category that should continue to grow in 2022.

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