Chiloba Moves to Revoke Capital FM, NRG Radio Frequencies

  • Communications Authority of Kenya Director General, Ezra Chiloba, has initiated the cancellation of licence offers to 60 applicants for radio broadcasting licenses.

    In a statement, the CA boss stated that the move was reached following the broadcasters failure to comply with the licence offer within the offer period as prescribed by the Authority in accordance with the Kenya Information and Communications Act.

    The cancellation of the licence offer is accompanied by a notice of revocation of the FM broadcasting frequencies assigned to the applicants.

    Some of the notable radio stations include Capital FM, NRG Radio, Mbaitu FM and One FM.

    A file image of a radio station

    A file image of a radio station


    “Take notice that the Authority has commenced regulatory actions against the following listed broadcasters and applicants of broadcasting service provisioning licences for failure to comply with the relevant requirements as provided for in the Act,” Chiloba stated.

    “In accordance with Section 46C of the Kenya Information and Communications Act, 1998, it is illegal to provide any form of broadcasting service in Kenya without a license issued by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA).”

    “Contravention of this requirement attracts a fine not exceeding Ksh1,000,000 or imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or both,” it continued.

    Here is the full list of radio stations named by Chiloba:

    1. Kesha

    2. Winam

    3. Radio Amani

    4. Kalya Fm

    5. Gulf Radio 

    6. Qwetu Radio 

    7. Vihiga Fm 

    8. Weather – Reports Realtime

    9. Nyanam Initiative Cbo 

    10. Warsan Fm 

    11. Mbaitu Fm 

    12. Ruben 

    13. Hero Fm

    14. Onagi 

    15. Kong’asis 

    16. Mwariama Fm 

    17. Kegocho 

    18. Mu Fm  

    19. Mmu Fm  

    20. Mmust Fm  

    21. Syokimau Fm  

    22. Radio Sahara  

    23. Egerton  

    24. Milambo Bajona  

    25. One Fm   

    26. The Just Liveth   

    27. Main Bridge   

    28. Radio Furaha   

    29. Kisima Fm   

    30. Ku 99.9 Fm    

    31. Emuria Fm   

    32. Risala Fm   

    33.Nrg Radio   

    34. Thiiri Fm    

    35. Midnimo Fm   

    36. Radio Lake Victoria    

    37. Wendo Fm   

    38. Equator Fm     

    39. KIMC

    40. Radio Sunset   

    41. Capital Fm   

    42. Radio Umoja     

    43. Southwest Media    

    44. Wajir Radio    

    45. VBN Fm   

    46. Kakuma Fm    

    47. Western Nyota Busia Fm     

    48. Voice Of Victory Fm      

    49. Simba Fm     

    50. Abba Fm   

    51. Makutano Fm   

    52. Wasya Fm   

    53. Midzi Fm   

    54. Faith Fm   

    55. Ref Fm   

    56. Radio Lamu Fm

    57. Taraji Fm

    58. Trichem    

    59. RealTime

    60. Coil 

    Former IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba

    Former IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba.



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