OM – Reims: Yunis Abdelhamid cries to theft

End of the controversial match in Marseille, where the Phocéens welcomed Reims (1-1). After a goal from Etikite a quarter of an hour from the end, the Marseillais equalized at the very end of the stoppage time, from the penalty spot. The referee had thus estimated that Andreaw Gravillon had kicked Dimitri Payet, and had therefore indicated a penalty that the Reunionese transformed. A decision that goes badly among the Rémois, as explained by Yunis Abdelhamid in front of the cameras of Prime Video.

“We get stolen a bit, frankly Andreaw is in the duel at the head, he watches the ball, not Payet. It’s complicated to be fooled by an error like that. The ref tells me that Payet gets a kick to the head, but Andrew is really playing the ball, so to kick Payet it was complicated. Or in any case it’s involuntary, he doesn’t see it, he watches the ball. We have the impression of having been robbed this evening ”, launched the defender. That is clear…

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