Willy Kimani: Witness Reveals How Key Suspect Bribed Him to Not Testify

  • Police informant Peter Ngugi, a state witness in the murder case of lawyer Willy Kimani revealed to the court that one of the key suspects bribed him days before he began to testify against the four accused officers.

    During his testimony, the state witness disclosed that he received ksh15,000 from the suspect the day the case was set to begin its hearing before Justice Jesse Lessit on November 23.

    Ngugi went ahead to reveal that he used Ksh1,000 to buy lunch before surrendering the remaining Ksh14,000 to officers at the Naivasha prison.

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    “He has been prevailing upon me not to say these things and brought me Ksh15,000 at Naivasha Prison to buy my silence. You can prove from Prison records at Naivasha Prison that he brought me the money to buy my silence,” Ngugi recounted.

    After making the confessions, Justice Lessit summoned one of the officers from the Naivasha Prison to ascertain the claims made by the fifth accused person now turned state witness.

    Consequently, a Naivasha prison officer who appeared before the courts on Tuesday, December 21, confirmed that the police informer indeed received the money before part of it was handed over to them.

    “He opened this as a remandee and brought in Ksh14,000. The cash which was in the office of documentation was then transferred to his account,” the prison officer stated.

    During the cross-examination of Ngugi by Lawyer Cliff Ombeta, a lawyer of one of the accused, Ngugi maintained that he was privy to information to the case further revealing details of the deal he got when he was turned as a state witness.

    “I did not expect to be charged with the murder since the investigators promised to have me as a witness if I confessed. They also promised to give me a house, pay me Ksh30,000 per month, and give my wife Ksh200,000 to relocate,” he revealed.

    However, in his earlier testimony on December 16, Ngugi revealed to the court that he was hesitant to seek release on bond explaining that some of the officers who were involved in the murder of lawyer Kimani, his client, and his driver were still at large.

    The police informant stated that he feared for his life further revealing the first names of individuals he stated took part in the crime which took place on June 23, 2016.

    “Waingo came and told me to go to a car wash yard where I’ll meet Kamau. I went there but didn’t find him, so I called him and he directed me to another place. I found him there, Kamau, together with Kamenjo, Waweru, and Mwaniki.” 

    The testimony by the prison officer marked the end of the hearing of the case with the legal team of both sides expected to make their submissions before the courtbefore Justice Lessit sets the date for the trial for the four officers.

    File image of a court gavel

    File image of a court gavel


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