Alinichapa Character Development-Thee Pluto On Why He Remains Friends With Felicity Shiru

After breaking up with his gorgeous ex-girlfriend Felicity Shiru, Instagram model and entrepreneur Robert Ndegwa refuted to clearly state what exactly expedited their separation. The heartthrob has been on a ‘sanitizing’ spree after his heartbreak with Felicity; where he exposes cheating couples.

Thee Pluto claims that he had anticipated the breakup since his girlfriend was not all that into him.

The Instagram hunk says that he felt his worth was not being appreciated and so he decided to walk away.

The two however, maintained that they remain to be good friends despite their separation.

Thee Pluto & Felicity Shiru-Google

When asked about whether he will be dating soon, Pluto shared that he would only post his lover only when they’re married. He shared through an Instagram Q&A session;

”I won’t assume this question again. As I said earlier on, Felicity is my friend. And even if I would start dating again, unless ni bibi yangu ndio nianze kupost goals. Nilishachapwa character development.”

Blessing In Disguise

After their break-up, Thee Pluto embarked on ‘sanitizing the streets’ through his loyalty test videos. His YouTube Channel gained thousands of subscribers because of the latter reason; giving obvious thoughts that his separation with Fel was a blessing in disguise.

His loyalty test videos are becoming more & more popular as he nearly hits 100 videos.

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